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The Founder’s Story

In 2012, after more than 10 years of not having a simple and natural way of organizing his personal and professional life, our founder Michael Sher, set out to solve his frustration. He tried all of the leading apps and programs promising to help him “plan his day”, “remember everything”, “quickly capture thoughts”, “track tasks” and “organize and communicate ideas” - but none helped organize the way he wanted to organize and many just didn’t feel natural.

In fact, he found himself having to adjust his personal style of organizing just to fit their tool.

During lunch on a summer afternoon with a friend in Southampton, New York, Michael finally came up with the name of the company – Centrallo – after narrowing the list of possibilities down to 15.

You would be surprised how difficult coming up with a company name that accurately expresses what the vision of the application should be, and also whose domain was still available.

Centrallo – short for “Central Location” seemed spot on. And the name immediately took on a life of its own.

Nearly five years later, Centrallo is on its way to becoming one of the top productivity and organization tools available. It’s cross-platform and available on the Web, iOS and Android today. Soon, we will be releasing desktop versions for Mac and Windows so people can work offline and access Centrallo from desktops and laptops without having to launch a browser.

Everything just works. It’s simple and intuitive and dramatically improves with each new update.

Centrallo’s top features let people:

  • Сapture thoughts and ideas and easily add them
  • Organize ideas into lists to store and retrieve them on demand
  • Create lists inside of lists for ultimate convenience and organization
  • Build checklists for any topic
  • Add notes, photos, videos, links, emails, documents and more
  • Share anything to a public web page or collaborate with anyone

We keep it up!

As time goes on, collaboration is becoming a core component of the Centrallo DNA.
In fact, many of our premium members are also professionals with jobs, in a workplace, with co-workers who they work on projects with. Our sharing functionality is easy and intuitive so many are starting to use it regularly as a project and task management tool.

Centrallo is the solution.

If you are looking for a personal and professional organization tool that’s easy to use, requires no learning curve, is highly secure (we use the Amazon cloud), is reliable, dependable, always there when you need it, and never lets you down – look no further.
Everyone at Centrallo works hard every day (and night) to make sure that our customers are happy. We are excited for what the future holds and are constantly encouraged by what user feedback tells us.

Centrallo could be just what you have been looking for. Give us a try and let us know how it works for you.